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They locate the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)in Oceanside, California about an hour north of San Diego.  Besides, the highest quality professional equipment fitting and swing analysis they were first to develop a golf fitness academy recognizing that golfers are athletes. As the premier Titleist training and analysis facility, it is the Titleist location that the pros go to tweak their gear.  But TPI is open to the public. You’re treated like a tour pro.

TPI offers three different club fitting packages that each take about an hour – driver & fairway woods, hybrids & irons, and Vokey wedges – each priced at $250 (clubs not included).  Or combine all three for $600 and spend a delightful afternoon with a “best in the world” Titleist fitter.

For the putter fitting, head over to the nearby Scott Cameron studio in Encinitas. For $300, they’ll give you a tour level putting fitting at their indoor customized studio (putter not included)

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The Titleist Performance Institute is acclaimed for its Golf Fitness Evaluation. Titleist recognizes the most important equipment that affects performance is the body. Hence, a comprehensive assessment program is available that focuses on mobility, stability and power generation.   The purpose is to identify the limitations of your body that affect the golf swing. During the Golf Fitness Evaluation, a high speed, slow motion video swing analysis is conducted.  Swing data is captured along with a ball flight images.  In addition, unique 3D sensor technology maps the golfers kinematic motion using attached body sensors to captured all possible movements and tendencies in the swing.

Armed with a comprehensive report with key conclusions, TPI certified instructors are available throughout the country to implement an improvement program. Individualized exercises are defined for students to develop an improved kinematic motion. The comprehensive tour level Golf Fitness Evaluation is available at the Titleist Performance Institute for $1200.

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Titleist veteran Glenn Mahler conducted my three hour club fitting. The iron, hybrid and wood fittings are done on a perfectly manicured grass range.  TrackMan data and ball flights are used to determine the optimum specifications. Glenns job was to find the best club specifications given my swing. Players delay fittings because they are working swing changes and worry that they will fit a “bad” swing.  In reality, we are always working on our swing, but unless we have the time to revamp the swing, we won’t change enough to affect most fittings. Our advice is to get fitted.

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Every type of club and shaft is available to the fitter. Glenn focused on the numbers from the swing monitor. Ego has no place in the club selection decision process.  This is important for the 2,3,4 and 5 irons.  With an index ranging from 3 to 8 over the years, I’ve always enjoyed “players” irons. But age reduces flexibility and swing speed as the launch monitors reveals.  My target was the 716 AP-2 irons. After the Trackman data humbled me, we settled on replacing the 3I with 5wood, replacing the 4I with a 23 degree hybrid, and replacing the AP2 5I with  the more forgiving AP1 5I.  Although this is based on the Trackman numbers, the clubs still needed to look and feel right.

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IMG_6792 1

The fitting for Vokey wedges moved to another vast area of the Institute with three greens surrounded by acres of perfect turf.  The turf/club interaction is so important to get the correct grind for your swing and turf.  We spent an hour and found the best four wedge set to cover the distances and eliminate any gaps.

After three hours, we accomplished a precise fitting for an entire set of clubs.  Glenn never made it feel rushed.  The personalized attention from one of the best fitters in the world for an average player was exemplary.  Titleist has got this right.

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