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This popular travel website is brought to you by Chuck Fox, single-digit golfer, writer and photographer. Chuck is a on a mission to expose the romance and beauty of public access golf throughout North America. Based in Northern California and a seasoned golf traveler Chuck has romanticized hundreds of golf courses. Since 2017 he has been revealing his best golf experiences on this site growing a subscriber base, from one passionate golf traveler to another.

  • States Played: 13
  • Courses Profiled: 65
  • Holes Played: 1134
  • Average Score: 79.9
  • Birdies: 69

Quintessential Golf is the source of travel inspiration for golfers eager to play the finest public access courses in North America.  It spotlights the most spectacular, enduring and scenic courses, resorts and adventures in North America.  The website serves as a portal to introduce passionate golfers to fantastic courses they can play.  Articles are written from a players’ point of view and include the players’ own high-resolution course images.  Travelers get a feel for the golf course and resort before committing to travel plans. Courses selected are those every reader can experience, so private courses with no public access are not included. 

If you want to follow Chuck’s travels and get notifications of new course experiences and photography, subscribe to his free newsletter, QG Adventure, on this subscribe page. If you want to suggest a golf course to be featured, please contact Chuck on this contact page.

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