Is This The Best Golf Travel Bag Ever?

A Sun Mountain ClubGlider golf travel bag cover may be the best thing to enhance the quality of your next golf vacation.  We travel more than two weeks of every month.  We look for anything that can ease the burden of getting to the distant resorts and courses that we play.  Lugging our golf bag through the airport along with our suitcase used to be a significant chore.  That all changed when we saw another golfer effortlessly rolling their ClubGlider.

ClubGlider is the only golf travel bag that has extendable legs and wheels that support 100% of the weight.  The legs pull out for wheeling around then retract for check-in.  Golf travel bags are heavy when you include shoes, towels, rain gear and other additional clothing. This can exceed the typical 50-pound baggage limit of most airlines. Standard travel bags with two wheels place a significant strain on the carrying arm and shoulder.  But ClubGlider literally can be moved with two fingers and zero tension.  Pivoting caster wheels provide easy 360-degree movement.  We are amazed at the ease of maneuverability.  Plus it was designed correctly to fit airport escalators steps with minimal effort.

The airlines put a golf travel bag through a beating.  Hence, durability is essential for club safety.  Thick foam padding around the clubheads at the top, heavy material throughout and reinforced vinyl on the bottom protect against wear and club damage.

Product Information

Four models in eight colors from $250 to $350 are available.   Sun Mountain provides variations in size, fabric material (polyester, nylon, vinyl) and number & location of pockets and zippers.  Find a retailer at Sun Mountain, or fit it on Amazon. Sun Mountain has now added the TravelGlider Suitcase using the same leg mechanism as the ClubGlider.  Retail is $350 for the TravelGlider from Sun Mountain. Transporting your golf travel bag has never been more comfortable.

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