Golf Travel News of the Week – July 31, 2019

Below is a summary of premier golf travel news that gained my attention this week.

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Akshay Bhatia, 17, will make pro debut at Safeway Open

Akshay Bhatia
Akshay Bhatia

Akshay Bhatia will make his first professional start as a minor.  The Safeway Open announced Thursday that Bhatia has accepted a sponsor invitation to play in the third event of the PGA Tour’s 2019-20 campaign. The 17-year-old has been up front about his intentions to skip college and head directly to the pro ranks, and he’ll make the jump in Napa, California, on Sept. 26. [read more…]

‘Loopers: The Caddie’s Long Walk’: Film Review

Bill Murray
Bill Murray

Full disclosure: I think golf is one of humanity’s most boring inventions, and that’s aside from complaints about the courses’ water-wastefulness and the sport’s traditional appeal to the kind of people who’d visit Mar-a-Lago. But a movie critic’s job is to give a fair shake to everything from torture porn to cartoons about emoji, so it must be said that Jason Baffa’s Loopers: The Caddie’s Long Walk is a glossy, good-natured documentary celebrating men (and one woman) who are vastly less famous. [Read more…]

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