Golf Travel News of the Week – July 22, 2019

Below is a summary of premier golf travel news that gained my attention this week.

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Golf Travel Packing Tips

GolfTravelPacking 8

Well, I’m happy to say it’s getting to be that time again. Time to start planning that spring golf getaway. That being so, I thought you might find the following Golf Travel Packing Tips helpful. How many times have you gone on vacation, or even a one-day golf outing, only to arrive on the first tee and find you’ve forgotten to include that one essential ingredient? If you’re anything like me, it’s happened to you often. And, let’s  [read more…]

Tom Fazio redesign of Wynn Golf Club slated to reopen near Las Vegas Strip

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Wynn Hotel 

One of the top courses alongside the Las Vegas Strip is making a comeback.  Tom Fazio’s redesign of Wynn Golf Club is scheduled to open Oct. 11, nearly two years after the course was closed to accommodate new construction by Wynn Resorts. Plans to build an artificial lake and related amenities were changed, and the golf course was revived. [Read more….]

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